It all began with a little lost girl who grew up on the fringe of contemporary society. She was the daughter of a blue-collar family living in a time bubble. It was eternally nineteen fifty-five in her childhood home, even though nineteen eighty-something was the date she signed to most of her girlhood school papers. Her family placed hard work above all things. In fact, you might say their entire self-worth was tied to just how hard working they were. Her jack-of-all-trades father trained her to fix all things with ingeniously unique engineering. Something could always work a little better with some tweaking, even if it wasn’t yet broken. She was taught by her mother to be sensitive to her responsibility to community by improving the quality of every place and situation she became connected to. And always, beyond all other considerations, her mother instilled in her the awareness to be empathetic to all the individuals she met and dealt with throughout every waking minute of her life.